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#BeMarthaFit 12-Week All-Inclusive Program

Most popular program and is perfect for anyone who needs to lose 20 pounds or more

This plan is easy to follow with multiple choices for every meal and snack. We customize your plan to your food “likes” and any medical conditions

$489   $549

  • Customized Weight-Loss Plan

    Receive a new plan every 4 weeks, to ensure you don't hit a weight loss plateau

  • Personal Coach

    Available through online messaging and weekly progress checks

  • Access to VIP Support Page

    Excellent resource for tips, motivation, questions, mini-challenges and wellness coaching

  • Weekly Weigh Ins

    Through our exclusive web portal you can track your progress and communicate with your coach

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#BeMarthaFit One-Time Meal Plan

Simple to follow meal plan and fabulous for anyone who simply has 15 pounds or less, to lose

  • Customized Weight-Loss Plan

    Based on your "likes" and any medical conditions

  • 30 Days VIP Support

    Access to our VIP Client Support page for motivation, mini-challenges and wellness coaching

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$99   $150

#BeMarthaFit Intermittent Fasting Plans

Experience the amazing science behind intermittent fasting and lose stubborn fat, while preserving muscle mass

This is a fabulous program if you have hit a hard weight-loss plateau, need to regulate hormones and if you’re tired of quick fixes that only lead to additional weight gain
When you execute Intermittent Fasting you still eat on your “fasting days” but you will do so within certain hours.

$175   $200

  • Choice of Plans to fit you:

    5/2: Fast 2 Days/week

    Up/Down: Fast every other day

    16/8: Perfect for Insulin Resistance or PCOS clients

  • You will receive:

    Customized intermittent fasting plan

    Instructions for flawless execution

    Access to VIP Support Page

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