Join the most effective and sustainable weight loss system.

The #beMarthafit Difference


We are a nationally recognized online weight loss system


No matter where you live, you will work with our certified coaches, online to achieve your goals


We work together to create your customized meal plans and never include the foods you don’t like

Medical Concerns

We take into account any medical issues and medications

100% success when you execute the plan

No Guessing

You never have to guess at what to eat. We map out every meal and snack for you. We tell you what to eat and when to eat for massive success

Proven #beMarthafit Success

What to expect with #beMarthaFit

  • Personal Online Coach

    Every client has their own personal online coach that can be accessed throughout the week.

  • High Accountability

    Clients weigh in weekly via our exclusive client dashboard. That same day, clients receive feedback from their coach.

  • Meal Plan Revisions

    Every meal plan comes with options for meals and snacks. Every 4 weeks, clients receive an updated meal plan. Every meal plan is Registered Dietitian Approved and will maximize your weight loss.

  • Group Coaching and Motivation

    Each client is added to our VIP Client Support Page on Facebook to engage with other like-minded clients and participate in Head Coach LIVES.

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Do you have questions about our Signature Program? Send an email to the coaching staff, let us know your goals and any specific questions you may have.


Head Coach Martha VanCamp became her very first client and transformed her life.


Want to discuss your questions or specific health issues? We offer a free consult call for our 12 -week program.


Invest in your health

Your investment in your health (and honestly radically changing your life)is $189 a month for 3 months.

After 3 months, 90% of our clients continue month to month. The month to month cost reduces to $94/month

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You don't have to be a client to access weight loss recipes with pre-calculated macros (protein, complex carbs, fats) and calories.

Enjoy your favorite Italian, Asian, Mexican, Comfort foods without gaining weight!
Familiar with Balanced Macros? You’ll find our recipes are truly macro-balanced with either a combo of Protein and Complex Carbs or Protein and Healthy Fats.
BONUS: No blog, just recipes.