How To Update Your Credit or Debit Card On Paypal

If your card is eligible for automatic updates with PayPal, your card with PayPal will update when the new information is available, including a new expiration date or a new card number. Any billing agreement and payment preference associated with the old card will be migrated to the new card.

If you have a card that does not support automatic updates, please use the steps below to update your expiration date.

Here's how to change your card's expiration date (Click on 's below to see example images):


Go to and login to the Paypal account handling your payment or subscription


Click on Wallet link on the top of the page


Under Payment Methods click the card you want to update.


Click Update card.


Enter the new expiration date and the last 3-digit security code (CSC) found on the back of the card.


Click Save or Update to complete Card Updates.

Note: If you have an entirely new credit card (Example: Closed and Re-issued to due to Fraud), then please email so we may assist you further.