I will be there with support and tough love. We are in this together. My clients are not just a number to me!


#beMarthaFit Programs

12-Week Plan

Customized Weight Loss All-Inclusive Programs

This is my 12 – week, all inclusive, program. This program is my most popular because everything we do is online and you will have daily contact with me. I make your food plan super simple to follow (with options for each meal and snack) and I hold you accountable.

We begin with a series of intake forms (all online) and you are able to outline your goals, food likes/dislikes, current stats, current food diary and medicines and supplements you currently take.

Once I receive this information I provide you with a CUSTOMIZED food plan with your food, calories, and macro totals for the day.

Over our 12 weeks together you’ll receive on average, 3 plans. Everything and every change we make throughout the 12 weeks is based on how your body is reacting to the food.


As your coach, I will have daily contact with you. Accountability is high and I will not let you fail. As you begin each plan I give you, you will submit your food logs for two nights. Every week, you report in with your new weight, measurements and progress pics.

Support is HUGE during these 12 weeks. Not only do you have daily contact with me, but you are also a part of my Support Community on Facebook.

Remember, this is 12 weeks customized to YOU! I will not let you fail and will work with you to solve your food issues and any emotional concerns that relate to your food journey.

The total cost for your 12 weeks is only $549.

If you choose a two-payment plan, the total cost is $599 which will be divided into two payments. The first payment is due immediately and second payment will auto-draft on day 30.


One-Time Food Plan

If you simply have a few pounds to lose or feel you can hold yourself truly accountable this ONE TIME food plan may be an option for you. We begin will a full assessment (all online) and from that information I will provide you with a customized food plan. This is a one time food plan that you can use for months. Every food plan comes with several options for each meal and snack, along with your caloric intake goal and macro goal. You are added to my support page on Facebook for only 30 days. This plan does not include Coach Martha’s assistance, weigh-ins or accountability.


#beMarthaFit Events and Seminar

Head Coach, Martha VanCamp, does various 1/2 day seminars and client retreats throughout the year If you are interested in these events or interested in hosting Martha as a speaker at your event, please click thru here.

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Consult with Martha

Great for anyone with specific dietary concerns or have tried and failed on other plans

Individualized consultations to hand your specific questions, concerns and and goals

Morning, Afternoon and evening consultations available



Let's Get Started

1 on 1 Consultation


Great for anyone with specific dietary concerns or have tried and failed on other plans

Individual Questions, Concerns and Goals discussed

Morning, Afternoon and Evening consultations available

Phone/Google/FaceTime/Skype options

Requested Date/Time of Consult
Most Popular and Successful
Customized Weight Loss All-Inclusive Program



12 Week Customized Weight Loss Meal Plan

Includes overall assessment and goal


Online support and accountability Weekly weigh ins

Daily Check-ins and food log approval with Coach Martha

Plan adjustments throughout the 12 weeks

Several weight loss options for each meal and snack

Save Money and pay in full via PayPal

2-payment plan available
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One-Time Food Plan


Full Fitness and Health Assessment by Coach Martha

Customized Meal Plan

Multiple Options for Each Meal and Snack

Daily Macros and Caloric Intake Outlined

Note: If revisions are requested after initial plan is released there is a $50 charge