My Journey to beMarthaFit

My Journey: How It Began

“I feel like I’ve been on a diet since the day I was born!” That’s the truth! I struggled with my weight my entire life.

I tried it all.

  • Diet pills
  • Weight-loss centers
  • Shakes
  • The point system
  • Counting calories
  • Eating freeze-dried diet foods
  • Even plastic surgery!

Perhaps the only thing I never did was weight-loss surgery.

When I hit the age of 40, I was a mom to seven, YES----7 kids, and my dinners consisted of beer or wine. I hit rock bottom at 250 pounds.

  • I hated exercising.
  • I hated my weight.
  • I hated myself.
  • And I hated that I was wearing a size 22.

That’s when I said, no more and I dedicated all my free time to studying nutrition. I wanted to know how our bodies needed to be fueled and most importantly, I wanted to understand how I could take control and lose the weight….FOREVER!

Within 10 months I lost 50 pounds!

And I didn’t stop. I finally felt like the “real Martha” was being uncovered. The more I lost, the more I realized I had taken control of my own life and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share my success and help everyone uncover their authentic self.

Losing 100 pounds never felt so easy. Truly, EASY! I knew my passion and calling was to help others do the same.

And that’s when the #beMarthaFit customized weight loss meal plan began!

Now, I help hundreds across the United States learn how to eat and in doing so, clients lose weight and finally learn how to fuel their bodies for LIFE!

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Using a #beMarthaFit custom food plan to embark on your biggest transformation!

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